Frequently asked questions


How do I access my live online classes?

Simply book the class you’d like to attend, we’ll then email you a link 30 minutes before your class starts. Booking for all classes close 30 minutes before the class start time.


Will you see me in my PJs?

Don’t worry our classes are live-streamed so you can see our teachers, but don’t worry they won't be able to see you, unless you want to turn on your camera for some of our classes. So just get comfy and totally relax.


What do I need?

It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing or even better your PJs! Find yourself somewhere comfortable ideally in your bedroom and then create a snooze palace with soft blankets, low lighting, candles and maybe some of our sound asleep club essential oils. We’d also recommend getting totally ready for bed, face washed, teeth brushed so you can drift off to sleep without worrying.


What happens if I fall asleep before the end?

Brilliant!! Don’t worry you can drift off to sleep, there’s no need to stay awake until the end of the class. If you’re a member you can then experience the rest of the class by login into our on-demand library of videos.


Can I join classes if I’m pregnant?

All our classes are gentle and designed to help you relax, so you’re totally welcome to join if you are pregnant. We’d recommend no breath holds in the breathwork class and also just messaging your teacher to let them know if you have any questions.


What happens if I have a question?

You can email the teachers before the class or use the chat function when the class is running.


Can I invite a friend?

Yes, you are welcome to book a class for a friend by adding their details, we also offering gift vouchers so you can buy classes as a gift.


What happens if I feel unwell?

We’d recommend you stop the class and take time for yourself if you then continue to feel unwell we'd recommend you contact your doctor.


Can I become a member for a few months?

Yes totally, we offer a cancel anytime membership, which allows people to dip in and out when they need a little extra help relaxing and getting ready for sleep.