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PRACTICE STYLE: I’m really passionate about helping people connect with their intuition, by slowing down and caring for themselves.  

LIFE MANTRA: Find a positive in everything you experience, even if this feels impossible, there is a lesson to be learnt in everything.

INSPIRED BY: I am inspired constantly by Mother Nature & Earth, the seamless cycles she moves through and the bountiful gifts she keeps on giving. The ability to birth, experience, decay and rise again, the transformation and quietness which I myself have leant from, especially when I recovered from long term illness.


LIVES: South West London

SLEEP TIPS: Recognise your sleep space as a sacred space, for rest, sleep, romance & sex, thereby not muddying the energetic synergy within this room that fosters healthy sleep.

About Justine

Sleepy Yoga Nidra | Alchemy Singing Bowls | Crystals | Meditation 

Justine has trained as a multidisciplinary holistic practitioner with accreditations from the College of Psychic Studies in Western/Eastern healing and ACHO in crystal healing.  She has worked in the wellness industry for over 25 years, her own journey of healing from a long-term illness took her from the general wellness industry into the spiritual wellbeing space 15 years ago. Justine now works with a range of holistic practices including yoga Nidra, sound and crystals. 


Over the years yoga Nidra has helped Justine enormously with accepting pain in her body and also during trying times when lack of sleep can impact our quality of life.  She lives with Teddy a French Bulldog who is a very wise old spirit, she totally loves chocolate and can often be found acting like a big kid when at home, much to the disdain of my two teenage boys!  

On-Demand Classes with Justine


Yoga Nidra  

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