Practice style: I love Qigong and also practice Ashtanga.

Life mantra: Ageing is a privilege that not everyone gets, so we should embrace every moment and every breath we have. 

Inspired by: My clients and their willingness to open up to new things and strive for a better self. I never cease to be humbled by the lovely people who work with me.

Star sign: Virgo.

Lives: Grounded in the present but dreaming of the stars in Surrey.

Sleep tips: One of the natural side effects of hypnosis, whatever you have it for is better sleep. So when you have it specifically for sleep, you're on to a winner. 

About Katie

Hypnosis | Regression Therapist | Life Coach | Dip RTh, Ct.Hyp, GQHP, LCH Dip

Hi I'm Katie, I'm passionate about Hypnotherapy and holistic practise as an effective way of helping us create positive change in our lives, helping people move forwards and live the lives they envisage for themselves. 

I specialise in helping clients recover and control Anxiety using Hypnotherapy. Why? Because I suffered for over 20 years from Anxiety and I believe Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools to aid recovery. 

I also specialise in hypnotherapy for weightloss,  as at it's heart weightloss can be as simple as eating less and moving more, but any one who has tried to lose weight knows it is much more complicated than that when our emotions and daily lives get in the way. Recent clients working with have lost between 10lbs and 2stone in the 8 week programme and see a surge in confidence and self-esteem. Because really weight is rarely about weight, it's about how we feel on the inside and that's why hypnotherapy is so effect, because we work from the inside out. 

So why use Hypnotherapy as a therapy? 
By using Hypnotherapy deep relaxation techniques, we can access the sub-conscious mind where negative behaviours and habits are formed and stored and we can reframe them and reinforce them, leading to deep, lasting  positive change.