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Deborah Szebeko


PRACTICE STYLE: I’m really passionate about helping people connect with their intuition, by slowing down and caring for themselves. I’ve been practising shamanic living and practices for over 16 years, which includes sound healing and shamanic journeying. 

LIFE MANTRA: Ask for forgiveness, not permission & be yourself, everyone else is taken

INSPIRED BY: I’m inspired by mother nature, her patterns and cycles. There’s so much we can learn by slowing down and listening to ourselves and the wider planet. 

STAR SIGN:  Pisces / Monkey

LIVES: The Chilterns

SLEEP TIPS:  Anyone that knows me, knows I take my sleeping seriously. Give yourself the headspace to transition into sleep, I do this by either reading or listening to music or a guided meditation. 

About Deborah

Sound Meditation | Cacao Ceremonies | Forest Bathing | Visual Meditation

Inspired by her shamanic work, she's trained as a sound practitioner, sacred cacao ceremony facilitator and is currently studying a diploma in Forest Bathing. She brings creativity and calmness to help people relax and think about things differently. Encouraging people to play and experience different practices/rituals to find out what works best for them.

Deborah is really passionate about exploring ways to make sometimes ‘hippy’ or ‘out there’ practices more accessible and mainstream. She has used her holistic practice to run events and design programmes for both communities, NHS, universities and corporates. 

Deborah also is the founder of The Chiltern Sound Spa and the social design agency thinkpublic she has over 16 years of experience of designing global healthcare services and social innovations.

Deborah's registered with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

On-demand classes with Deborah 

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Sleepy Sound Spa

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