Our dream


"We want to help people experience different ways to unwind their minds, relax & drift off to sleep"

The world’s pretty full-on right now wouldn’t you say? It’s no surprise we’re all having moments of anxiety and nights of unsettled sleep. We’re a team of relaxation and sleep teachers who use energetic practises to calm the mind to help you sleep better. We want you to wake up feeling invigorated – ready for whatever comes your way. So we’ve designed our online evening classes to help you get into a relaxed state of mind before bed and have a smooth passage to the land of nod. 


 We were founded by Deborah Szebeko who has an impressive career designing healthcare services for big organisations like the NHS and AstraZeneca. However, Deborah also has a more out-there side where she’s been exploring the potential power and effect of sound spas and forest bathing for relaxation and sleep. This may sound whacky but traditional science is starting to embrace alternative wellbeing practices like this. There’s more and more evidence that certain sounds, movements and breathing can calm the nervous system and rebalance a stressed-out human being. Although in some ways we think it’s common sense too!​ 

 We believe good sleep is a basic human right. We want everybody to be able to join our live classes and receive the benefits of a great night’s sleep. So we’ve made sure our monthly subscriptions are low cost, so as many people as possible can join our live online classes. We think doing things as a collective in real-time has great power, a bit like a mass sleepover without the sharing a bedroom or snoring thing! All you need is a digital device for video and sound, somewhere quiet and your PJs – then you’re off! No need for a magic carpet, you can snuggle into your own bed straight afterwards.