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Grainne sound asleep club


PRACTICE STYLE: I like to help people switch their monkey minds off and learn coping skills for day to day stress.

LIFE MANTRA: Be open to what may come your way with no fixed expectations.

INSPIRED BY: Those who create healthy boundaries and listen to their inner voice.

STAR SIGN: Aquarius

LIVES: Berkshire

SLEEP TIPS: Leave your phone downstairs!

Also, breathe! Once you slow your breath you find things begin to drop away.

About Gráinne

Sound Therapist | Photographer 

Grainne is the mother of two beautiful boys. She spent 10 years working in the creative film industry and enjoyed time spent between London L.A and Dublin before moving to Cookham with her husband Joe. Initially she used sound to help with her own stresses of endless deadlines, but when headaches, anxiety, worry and fatigue became the norm she soon recognised that she wanted it to be a bigger part of her life.

She began her training in 2013 and trained for 3 years to become a qualified sound therapist. This training is recognised globally by The Institute for Complementary Therapists. She also works with the Sound Healing Academy who train practitioners all around the world.
She uses instruments to create comforting sounds which resonate at different frequencies. This helps shift your brain to an “alpha state”. This is a state of mind where you can easily switch off “chatter” or “noise” to help focus the mind to find calm and reassurance.

When Grainne's not playing her bowls she is usually in nature or with her camera. She loves music and good coffee.

On-Demand Classes with Gráinne 

sound asleep club
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