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Indri sound asleep club


PRACTICE STYLE: Finding practices to pause, slow down and soften. How the breath unites us all. We all breathe the same air.

LIFE MANTRA: What you can imagine you can create!


INSPIRED BY: Our inner thoughts, vibration and mindset influence our outer world. We can take care of how we want our inner world to look like, how we talk to ourselves, what we say to others, what we eat, our sleep, what we eat and drink.

STAR SIGN:  Virgo and white wood tiger

LIVES: Barcelona

SLEEP TIPS:  Make sure that you set your body and mind to rest mode before you sleep. For me, a simple 5-15 minute guided breathing meditation as the last thing I do before going to sleep is a must! It switches your body into rest mode so that you can get proper restful sleep.

About Indri

Breathwork Teacher | Positive Mindset Coach | Designer


Indri is a breath-work expert and positive mindset coach, who brings calm and clarity to the lives of overworked and overwhelmed women through her work. It was Indri’s own experience of stress and overwhelm that led her to her calling as a mindset coach and breathwork expert. She found herself lost in the mum guilt trap of finding the perfect work/life balance and as a mother of two girls, she knew that mindset was neither healthy nor sustainable. 


She's helped people all over the world to lower their stress and create more presence, connection and radiance in their lives, all thanks to clarity breath-work, self-care rituals and positive mindset tools. Breathwork helps to create a space around Indri that supports both her and her family, enveloping them in calm and radiance. They allow Indri to thrive in her work, allowing room for less pressure and more pleasure. 

Indri is an Alchemy of Breath Certified Breath-work Facilitator and a Beautiful You Life Coach.

On-Demand Classes with Indri

sound asleep club

Breathwork for Total Calm

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