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Supporting women through menopause

We are currently co-designing a holistic wellbeing & sleep programme to support women experiencing menopause.

We are looking to speak with women experiencing perimenopause / menopause mental health and sleep challenges, to learn how to best design a wellbeing programme and community to support women throughout their journey. Alongside this we are seeking to collaborate with holistic practitioner and experts to design the programmes content and classes.

What Sleep Issues Are Associated With Menopause

'Menopausal symptoms can vary from woman to woman and throughout perimenopause into menopause. Sleep issues are common, with sleep disorders affecting 39 to 47 percent of perimenopausal women and 35 to 60 percent of postmenopausal women.

The most common sleep problems reported by women going through menopause include hot flashes, insomnia, sleep-disordered breathing, and other mood and sleep disorders'. - Sleep Foundation

If you would like to get involved either by sharing your story or as an expert, practitioner or partner please get in touch.


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