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Hand-dyed organic cotton sleep gift set: An eye mask, and a Lavender sleep sachet. 

Size is approx. 3"x5" (7.5 x 12.5 cm)

Dreamy organic sleep set

  • Bring a touch of nature to your bedtime routine with this organic plant based hand-dyed eye mask. 


    This eye mask helps to block out all the distractions from the world so you can get some shut-eye in peace - a godsend for light sleepers, those suffering from insomnia, headaches and fatigue or if you just fancy a little safecare. Also included in this dreamy organic sleep set is a lavender bud pillow, ideal for placing underneath your pillow to help you relax and drift off to sleep.


    The Eye mask is designed to block the light, without touching your eyelids. Made from natural fabric so your face won`t be warm, sweaty, or become irritated. The fabric was hand dyed with plants and the whole process is 100 % chemical and toxic free.


    About the maker:

    All our products are made handmade in the UK by small businesses. Our Dreamy organic sleep set is created for us by La’aquerelle.

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