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Rebekah sound asleep club


PRACTICE STYLE: I’m really passionate about helping people slow their flow of energy through mindful creativity. I enjoy practising basic artistic techniques and breathwork to produce doodles that represent our own energy. There are no mistakes in mindful doodling, just follow your flow.


LIFE MANTRA: Positive vibes always. Kindness always wins. Love starts on the inside. Dream big, and then dream bigger.

INSPIRED BY: Nature, music, meaningful conversations and positive energy.

STAR SIGN: Cancer / Dog

Lives: Surrey

Sleep tips: An early night once a week is essential, but including a regular hour of mediation, relaxation or something else that slows down your transition to sleep will change your life. 

About Rebekah

Positive Doodler | Creative Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Artist 

Rebekah believes everyone is creative and can find a flow of energy to produce art and this is not exclusive. Over the last decade, Rebekah has found multiple ways to positively change the world with her creative skills, with a human-centred approach to her creative work.

Almost choosing a career in art therapy for disability, it is no wonder that Rebekah’s path has brought her to explore the intuitive process of mindful doodling with her class Mindful Doodling. Encouraging people to play and experience different and unexpected results through their internal energy.

Rebekah is a Creative Director with 20 years of industry experience, she is also the founder of #loveontheinside. An annual creative mental health movement aimed at highlighting and the education of suicidal awareness.

On-Demand Classes with Rebekah

sound asleep club

Mindful Doodling

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