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PRACTICE STYLE: Inspired by the loving memories of the bedtime stories’ magic as a child, I create soundscapes meditations, weaving the voice with the vibration of resonant instruments, helping you to release the tensions and create a deep sense of relaxation. 

LIFE MANTRA: Every day is a new chance to flow with ease, grace, respect and abundance through life.

INSPIRED BY: Visual Arts, Astrology and Music, for they spark one’s imagination with unimaginable stories. 

STAR SIGN: My wanderer Sagittarius sun will take you on travels and my Scorpio moon knows your secrets.

LIVES: London. Originally from Brazil and France.

SLEEP TIPS:  Transform bedtime into a wellbeing ritual, clearing the space, clearing your aura, think of what you can be grateful for and give a theme to the journey of your dreams.

About Eva

Soundscapes Creator | Storyteller | Yoga Teacher 

Inspired by the syncretism of her homeland Brazil, Eva offers a unique meditative experience. She weaves sound, wisdom, astrology insights and yogic teachings into creating bespoke storytelling sounds journey, helping you to surrender and create a deep sense of relaxation, easing you into dreamland.

Eva is a member of the International Yoga Alliance and a member of the College of Sound Healing, UK. 

Classes with Eva, Live & On-Demand

sound asleep club

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